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Evolution of a patch (TKB edition)


A few years ago I posted the following BBQ recipe for the TKB on the forum in order to dissuade a fellow from selling his:

TKB Recipe:

Short plug into Random and Reset
Clock source(DTG) into Clock and Random
KV into the cv of your clock source (attenuate to taste, but try to get KV into audio rates at the top of the chain)
Divide clock source and trigger smooth side of the SSG
Smooth SSG gate out to Vert Clock
Step 5 into Hold on SSG
Step 13 into Hold on SSG
Pressure into CV of SSG
SSG blue jack into XFAD or UAP
KP into Hold on TKB

ABCD into an oscillator
A into a filter
B into effects
C into positive cv of choice
D into the negative cv of choice

Recently, the recipe was unearthed and several astute members decided to have a crack at it. What follows is their explorations with the patch, each bringing a different style and mood to the pool.

First up are three videos by Serge medicine-man, Dr.Octave. Notice how each subsequent video adds some adaptation and experimentation to the patch:

Next we have undisputed wizard Cebec adding some additional spices and seasoning to the patch.

And then a beautiful and somber version of the patch was added to the buffet by the gentleman sergeist we know as Phisynth.

Finally, resident rabble-rouser and Serge master MechaSeb contributed this amazing track with vertigo inducing tempo shifts.

Overall, I think this is a real testament not only to the robustness of the Serge, but to the power of patch-programming the instrument. Of course it doesn’t hurt that these guys are all very talented either. Great job, gentlemen!

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Reasons why the Serge is amazing…

Two excellent examples of why the Serge is amazing courtesy of m0rb1d from the Insergent Music youtube page. Animoo, TKB and M-class featuring Dual ADSR & Audio Interface m-odules. These videos focus on “the immense sonic possibilities of the Serge analogue modular synthesizer“.

Be sure to check out the Insergent podcast too. Chock full of Serge modular, random discussion, gear demos, and 100% improvised jamming.

Reasons why the Serge is amazing Part 1

Reasons why the Serge is amazing Part 2

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Why We Love The Serge Parts IV and V

Recess is over and M-Class is back in session. Professor Klaus Gstettner continues his “Why We Love The Serge” series with two new tutorials featuring the Quadslope, Gator, TKB and Matrix Mixer. Study up because these patches might be on your next mid-term exam.

Part 4: Quadslope overview, creating an oscillator out of a DUSG and using the PDIV and BLOG for adding harmonics.

Part 5: Using the 1v/oct inputs on the DUSG and patch programming a resonating DUSG filter! So very awesome!

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Rastko And His Serge

Check out this absolutely stunning video of Rastko performing some Serge wizardry on the Sava River in Belgrade, Serbia. Rastko Lazic (born 1970 in Belgrade, Serbia) is a composer and improviser of electronic music based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Shot by : Ivan Sijak

Rastko And His Serge from Rastko Lazic on Vimeo.

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