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Why We Love The Serge Parts IV and V

Recess is over and M-Class is back in session. Professor Klaus Gstettner continues his “Why We Love The Serge” series with two new tutorials featuring the Quadslope, Gator, TKB and Matrix Mixer. Study up because these patches might be on your next mid-term exam.

Part 4: Quadslope overview, creating an oscillator out of a DUSG and using the PDIV and BLOG for adding harmonics.

Part 5: Using the 1v/oct inputs on the DUSG and patch programming a resonating DUSG filter! So very awesome!

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Tutorial: Why we love the Serge

An excellent three part tutorial by Klaus Gstettner showing how to turn your Serge sequencer into an animated audio source with dynamic wave forms.

Part 1: Sequencer as sound source clocked at audio rate.

TUTORIAL: Why we love the SERGE – Part One: from Klaus Gstettner on Vimeo.

Part 2:Adding an additional CV source for dynamic waveforms.

TUTORIAL: Why we love the SERGE – Part Two: from Klaus Gstettner on Vimeo.

Part 3: Animation!

TUTORIAL: Why we love the SERGE: Part Three from Klaus Gstettner on Vimeo.

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PoP Song by Klaus Gstettner

Here’s an amazing and psychedelic video from Klaus Gstettner that’s sure to get you dancing! Bonus points to anyone that can name all of the M-odules in that massive wall of Serge.

PoP song from Klaus Gstettner on Vimeo.

Be sure to check out Klaus’s channel The LAB
The Lab is located underground, beyond the borders of tradition and avantgarde, art and triviality, music and noise. Constantly hovering into different directions, ignoring conventions, styles and genres it’s aiming at one target: THE JOY OF CREATION

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