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New from STS : The Critter

The release of our latest M-Class m-odule, the “CRITTER” - my gesture to the “East CoastSynthesis” school paradigm (Mr. Moog, et al), as a stand-alone entity, but it really comes together when partnered with the “CREATURE” for the full gamut meeting of “East & West” stylings featuring:

1 – Precision Oscillator w/ linear FM and 3 simultaneous waveform outputs, precise 1 v/oct tracking
1 – VC Time Gen Oscillator w/ variable wave form symmetry, ASR envelope & LFO functions
2 – X-Faders (4 VCAs) for VC Mixing and stereo spatial rendering
2 - Muti-pass Filters – one with VC ‘Q’ and trigger input and one with VC Slope (18 db cut-off)
1-  Smooth & stepped generator for muti-faceted CV and audio generation and processing
1- Dual Timing Generator for AR & ASR envelopes, Bi-wave out VC Osc, LFO bi-polar output  Env follower
Now that’s both deep and dense functionality!
– Introductory price of $ 1,600 –
I have two now available for delivery in 1 week
Best to you,

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Serge Modular Panel

Serge Modular

Sound Transform Systems had a custom panel available for purchase. For reference of what becomes available from time to time, enjoy the following recent post…


This loaded boat has 8 generators with an amazing blend of the SSG, DTG, and 2 DUSGs. We like to call the 2 DUSG combo a “Quadslope”. This setup gives you amazing flexibility as each of the generators can be patch programmed to be both audio and CV sources. The rest of this panel gives you the CV processing and mixing functionality in the Pulse Divider, ÷N COM, Dual Processor, and Audio Mixer. This is a unique piece to start with, or add to your system. It wont last too long at a price tag of $3400 plus shipping. Includes the case, but not the power supply.

Serge Modular

Inquire by calling Rex Probe at (262) 367-3030