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Quadslope: Probe 3 released!

01 Micro Cosmic Flea Mites

02 Forest

03 Seasonal Affective Disorder

04 Numeric Values

05 serge.rec.4_v2

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New from STS : The Critter

The release of our latest M-Class m-odule, the “CRITTER” - my gesture to the “East CoastSynthesis” school paradigm (Mr. Moog, et al), as a stand-alone entity, but it really comes together when partnered with the “CREATURE” for the full gamut meeting of “East & West” stylings featuring:

1 – Precision Oscillator w/ linear FM and 3 simultaneous waveform outputs, precise 1 v/oct tracking
1 – VC Time Gen Oscillator w/ variable wave form symmetry, ASR envelope & LFO functions
2 – X-Faders (4 VCAs) for VC Mixing and stereo spatial rendering
2 - Muti-pass Filters – one with VC ‘Q’ and trigger input and one with VC Slope (18 db cut-off)
1-  Smooth & stepped generator for muti-faceted CV and audio generation and processing
1- Dual Timing Generator for AR & ASR envelopes, Bi-wave out VC Osc, LFO bi-polar output  Env follower
Now that’s both deep and dense functionality!
– Introductory price of $ 1,600 –
I have two now available for delivery in 1 week
Best to you,

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Evolution of a patch (TKB edition)


A few years ago I posted the following BBQ recipe for the TKB on the forum in order to dissuade a fellow from selling his:

TKB Recipe:

Short plug into Random and Reset
Clock source(DTG) into Clock and Random
KV into the cv of your clock source (attenuate to taste, but try to get KV into audio rates at the top of the chain)
Divide clock source and trigger smooth side of the SSG
Smooth SSG gate out to Vert Clock
Step 5 into Hold on SSG
Step 13 into Hold on SSG
Pressure into CV of SSG
SSG blue jack into XFAD or UAP
KP into Hold on TKB

ABCD into an oscillator
A into a filter
B into effects
C into positive cv of choice
D into the negative cv of choice

Recently, the recipe was unearthed and several astute members decided to have a crack at it. What follows is their explorations with the patch, each bringing a different style and mood to the pool.

First up are three videos by Serge medicine-man, Dr.Octave. Notice how each subsequent video adds some adaptation and experimentation to the patch:

Next we have undisputed wizard Cebec adding some additional spices and seasoning to the patch.

And then a beautiful and somber version of the patch was added to the buffet by the gentleman sergeist we know as Phisynth.

Finally, resident rabble-rouser and Serge master MechaSeb contributed this amazing track with vertigo inducing tempo shifts.

Overall, I think this is a real testament not only to the robustness of the Serge, but to the power of patch-programming the instrument. Of course it doesn’t hurt that these guys are all very talented either. Great job, gentlemen!

cebec, Dr.Octave, mechaseb, Patch Programming, PhiSynth, recipes, serge, Serge Modular, TKB

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Reasons why the Serge is amazing…

Two excellent examples of why the Serge is amazing courtesy of m0rb1d from the Insergent Music youtube page. Animoo, TKB and M-class featuring Dual ADSR & Audio Interface m-odules. These videos focus on “the immense sonic possibilities of the Serge analogue modular synthesizer“.

Be sure to check out the Insergent podcast too. Chock full of Serge modular, random discussion, gear demos, and 100% improvised jamming.

Reasons why the Serge is amazing Part 1

Reasons why the Serge is amazing Part 2

animoo, audio interface, dual adsr, Insergent, m0rb1d, Patches Galore, podcast, res eq, TKB, video

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Animate in the flesh

Some of the very first videos of the new Animate panel, courtesy of Dr.Octave.
You sir, have the poodle rights for this panel.

Animate, Dr.Octave, Dubstep, Patches Galore, Serge Modular, wad

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New Shop Series Panel- The ANIMATE!

Destroy all monsters

So you want a little taste of Animal in your Soup? Here’s the panel for you, perfect as a stand-alone panel or as an addition to an Animal/Blue Voice/Red Voice/M-Class set-up. Destroy all monsters with the WAD and Variable Bandwidth Filter. Invite external screams, chortles and skree to the party with the new Preamp Detector. Experience the precision power of the newly designed Hi-Low switching New Timbral Oscillator. Put a braided leash, fuzzy handcuffs and bondage mask on your voltages with a DUSG. Sculpt, shimmy and scalp waveforms with the Triple Waveshaper. Even the mixer has a new trick up it’s sleeve with both audio and CV duties. This panel takes things to a new domain and it will make a blushing bride of your other panels. Enjoy the view and don’t forget to send home some risqué polariods from the trip.


According to Rex, the ANIMATE has been specifically designed to be the mate for those who have (or are considering) an “ANIMAL” or “ANIMOO” (w/ ring mod), and as a single panel ’stand-alone’ Signal Processor panel for those who have wished for the power/density of a SOUP Kitchen and CV 2 in one panel, similar in concept to the ANIMAL in relation to the BLUE or RED Voice + CV1 or 2 as the two panel solutions found in the original line.

Interesting mods:

1. There is an on-board Comparator with a variable ‘Threshold’ control, now included in the Preamp with the input available to any audio signal OR CV control signal for creating gates, triggers or square wave signals from any source in the system.

2. The ‘NTO’ has a “HI -LO” frequency range switch allowing a powerful set of vari-waveform outputs, featuring voltage control of both exponential and linear frequency modulation, operating as a stable complex LFO or as the typical NTO.

What’s cool is that now in just 2 shop panels you can have synthesis with complex triple oscillator voicing (2x NTO/1xPCO) AND signal processing in both frequency domain (Wave Mult/Triple Wave Shaper) and time domain (Wilson Analog Delay). Not to mention the importance of a preamp to import external signals into the system. Very nice.

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Popcorn! Parts 1 & 2!

Two amazing live improvs on the mighty Serge by the mighty Rastko Lazic
Mind-blowing performances and patches. Kudos, Rastko. Press play now!

Improv, Insane, Patches Galore, Rastko, serge, shop panel

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Serge feedback alright!!!

There is no possible way to watch this video from WearEarPlugs without smiling.
This is what it’s all about folks.
The power of Serge compels you!
The power of Serge compels you!
The power of Serge compels you!

Awesome, feedback, Microphone, serge, shop panel

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Probe:2 The Quadslope Compilation

Probe:2 is the second compilation album created by members of the community.
Track listing, additional notes and download links are available here. Or simply click the “Probe: 2″ tab in the menu bar.

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Bug Music Pts. 1 – 3

Three gorgeous videos by Franz Schuier showing just how meditative and intoxicating the singing bugs can be. Headphones and insecticide recommended; cannabis optional.

Bug Music P.1

bugs 01 from Franz Schuier on Vimeo.

Bug Music P.2

bugs 02 from Franz Schuier on Vimeo.

Bug Music P.3

bugs 03 from Franz Schuier on Vimeo.

bug music, franz shuier, germany, Info: M-Class, Serge Modular, shop panel, video

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